Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, we can help you achieve your in-store sales goals by category with our proven processes and tailored solutions. Since 1995, our Minneapolis-based company has created and launched successful in-store product rollouts & programs with thousands of independent retailers and leading manufacturers. Miller Wittman will work with you to develop strategies and designs that are unique and specific to you and your industry.

Retailer Focused

Your stores are your largest, most visible investment. We understand that you need to comply with manufacturers, represent your own brand and successfully retail. Miller Wittman will work with you to bring the whole store to life with planned and purposeful interaction between departments.

Store Design

We understand how to bring your entire store to life through intelligent, efficient design & thorough process from site assessment to install. We work closely with you to design a store that reflects how your business operates & how your departments function & interact.

Onsite Consulting

What is your store plan to achieve your financial goals? What is the next best investment to make & the one after that? Miller Wittman can work with you to develop that plan through our on-site assessment process.

Merchandising Planning

Do you want your walls and floors to operate more effectively? We can create a comprehensive merchandising plan & train your team to execute it effectively.

Fixture & Display Design

We design hard working, durable custom fixtures that embody your brand and drive retail sales. We will design, source & execute your brand program whether you need a feature display or a full fixture plan.

Architectural Services

Do you need an architect? Miller Wittman is aligned with expert architects specializing in service model, retail environments.  

Manufacturer Focused

You spend valuable resources developing products and bringing them to market. It is critical for them to succeed at retail. Miller Wittman can work with you to develop your next dealer channel or retail store program designed to achieve your goals. 

Store Design, Brand & Product Launches

You have spent enormous resources bringing your products to market. We can bring them to life in the stores. From concept to reveal we will help define the objectives, design the elements, & execute the project on time & on budget.

Distribution Channel Strategy

How & where you take your products to market is critical to your success. We can develop comprehensive distribution plans designed to deliver your sales goals. 

Channel Program Development

We understand how to develop channel programs that deliver on corporate strategy & motivate the dealers to act. Short term or long term, one product or all products, Miller Wittman can work with you to create a compelling channel program to deliver your goals.

Process Development & Project Management

Our design is only as good as the execution. We develop lean processes and will manage as little of them or as much of them as you like. Our expert project management will keep you within your budget and on time.

Program Compliance Tracking

As a business leader, you are responsible for the execution of your programs at the store level. We can create a customized program for you to ensure that your program elements are in place and working. 

Merchandising Planning & Deployment

If you are a brand or category manager we can create a comprehensive merchandising plan & train your team to execute it effectively in person or virtually.

Seminars & Training

Keeping your programs alive at the store level means engaging the audience in the message and giving them access to the tools to execute & improve. We have engaged with thousands of dealers and sales people. Allow us to customize a program for you.